Shralp Tide iPhone App

Sometimes all you really need to know for surfing is the tide charts, especially if you are an every day surfer. Unlike the surf report, tide charts are incredibly accurate and reliable. And if you know your surf break well enough, you know the ideal time in the tide fluctuation for maximum surf output.

If this describes you, and you have an iPhone, then Shralp Tide is for you. Three things make this the bomb app. First the name is awesome. Second, it’s free (with no ads), so you can beat the price. Third, it’s a nice presentation of useful tidal information. Select your desired area and BAM – five days worth of tide data right at your finger tips. Turn your phone sideways to get a graphical representation of the day being currently viewed. Slick and simple.

Side note: On iTunes, this app only gets rated a 2.5. But if you read the reviews, most of the complaints are either disgruntled users who don’t receive their local tide info or scuba divers requesting data on currents. But I think that rating is misleading. You can’t really count users who rated Shralp Tide a 1 because it doesn’t have info for the currents. The app is for tides and claims to be nothing more. And I do sympathize with users whose local areas are not represented, but again, you can’t really fault the application for that. It’s likely the information is just not available or too obscure to include. I say 5 stars!

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