Our Introduction to San Clemente

Peeb and I planned to head down to the Sacred Craft show today.  But we figured we’d make it a whole surf day since we were taking the time to drive all the way down to San Diego.  The plan was to surf, go to the show and then surf again, with the caveat that both places we paddled out had to be new to us.  Checking the reports showed that most everywhere was 0-2 except for San Clemente and Oceanside.  San Clemente was closer and we were itching to get out, so the first surf spot pretty much chose itself.

For convenience to execute our flawless plan, we brought trunks and jackets for quick changing.  Once we’d geared up and started heading down to the foot bridge, this old sea dog living on the bluff yells to us, “You boys are in for a shock!”  We asked, “How do you mean?”  He then informed us that the water was about 60 degrees.  Peter had actually brought his full suit too, but we figured it was too late – we could see and smell the ocean, surfing could no longer be delayed.

The old man was right though, that water was bitterly cold, but as long as we kept moving around everything was all right.  The break was super nice.  I could see it really producing some quality waves with just a bit more swell.  But the waves we were offered were pretty fun.  I caught a few really nice rights that had some room for goofing around.  Peter had a high wave count as well, so I’d say the whole thing was a success.

Eventually my shivering was making surfing difficult, so I asked Peter, “Are you shivering yet?”  He said, “For a while now.”  We caught the next wave in and headed to the nearest breakfast joint for warm food and coffee.  When we reached the top of the foot bridge the old sea dog was there waiting for us.  “So, was I right?”  We confirmed his prediction of cold water and that we were indeed chilled to the bone.  “See, I told you so!”  Thanks, old man.

Breakfast and coffee were delicious. On to Sacred Craft.

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