Rob Machado is The Drifter

I’ve always said that Rob Machado is becoming the mystic guru of surfing.  A new film called The Drifter follows Rob on a kind of spiritual/personal quest to find himself and figure out how to move on into the future (not in a time-travel sense, rather figuring out where he want to go in life).  It seems Mr. Machado found him self at a crossroads in life.  What do you do at that point?  Well, head to Indonesia, of course, for some soul searching and soul surfing.

On the surface this seems like it could end up being just a exercise in self-indulgence.  However, and I obviously don’t know Rob Machado at all personally, but I don’t get the sense that he is a vain dude.  And in the interviews I have read and heard from him, he is always an interesting character in a wonderfully spacey way.  (For instance, during an interview at the US Open this year, despite the questions being asked him, I learned that he’s a big fan of cereal.)  So there a good chance this could be a very interesting film.  And no doubt this will be chock full of some great surfing footage.  A Pipe Master in Indo…

Premiere dates are supposed to be coming soon, so stay tuned to the website if you are interested.  You can also follow RM on Twitter.


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