Poor Darth

I took this picture at a Burger King near my house the other day. Look at what a sad sack Darth Vader has become. A once all-powerful dark Lord of the Sith reduced to pimping the wares of Burger King. What’s more he is playing second fiddle to the Burger King Mascot Guy. Also, it looks like Darth has lost some weight. Look how big his head is compared to the rest of his body. He looks like he used the Billy Bob Thornton diet. Saddest of all though – his limp lightsaber. That’s how you know he has hit bottom.

I suspect he makes recommendations to the drive-through patrons using Jedi Mind Control. Imagine a doleful, downhearted version of Darth Vader’s voice. “You would like to try the Whopper, (Darth Breathing Noise) it’s delicious. (Darth Breathing Noise) And get onion rings instead of french fries.”

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