Peeling Left in Huntington by Hotels

This morning I woke up early because my dog decided it was time to get up.  He put his head on the bed and just kept breathing his nose-breath in my face until I got up.  So I packed up the bike and headed down to Huntington City beach.  I went out right in front of Jacks, I didn’t want to contend with the pier crowd.

The swell seemed quite good here.  Waves were peeling left and the bigger set waves had tubes.  The rip was extra strong again and pulling everyone north.  But, the wind hadn’t picked up yet, so the water was still super glassy and smooth.

I managed to pick off a few big ones , but no tubes today.  Still the take-offs were exciting and it is sweet when you can watch your wake get sucked up into the curl.

Otherwise it was just a quick session on a whim, so after a few waves and other surfers paddling out, I headed back in.

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