One Track Mind

One Track Mind DVDOne Track Mind takes a look at how surfers focus on winning events on the world tour.  Interviews with each generation of competitive surfers from the 1970s on provide and interesting insight into the mind set each surfer uses to focus.  Directed by Chris Malloy for Woodshed Films, One Track Mind is not a typical style surf film.  Though there is plenty of surfing featured in the movie, the surfing is not really the focus.  There are no locations that are featured; no “now we are at Indo, now we are in Hawaii, now we are in Oz!”  Rather the surfing that is shown is usually in support of either who is being interviewed or what that interviewee is speaking about.  Each of the surfers talk about what drives them to win, their worst/best professional moments, influences, favorite surf movies, surfing’s future and so on. But it’s all quite interesing, cool tidbits to hear, fun insights into the dream tour.  And, as always, this being a Woodshed Film, the soundtrack is awesome.

This may not be the a good surf film to play in the background as the subject matter is too interesting.  And it may not be the surf film you go to as a regular, but it is super interesting and well worth a watch.


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