Nearly Ideal El Porto Friday

It was nearly epic today.  Had the crowds been much lower, it would have been ideal.  The waves were waist-to-head high, the frequency was high, lefts, rights…it was all there.  But all the jockeying and slaloming detracted from what was otherwise awesome.  However, as we drifted north the crowds thinned out a bit and the last half hour or so was bombing.  Mike had the kid-on-Christmas grin for an hour afterward; he really lit up today. Aaron was taking all kinds of sweet rides on the Sea Nymph throughout the whole session. We had one wide open wave that we rode down together, old timey style. I also had 3 super solid runs in that last 30 minutes that should keep me stoked for a while. Had the meters not kicked in at 9am, Mike and I may have stayed out for a few more hours.

I did bring my new iPhone to test out the picture zoom and video capabilites:

Here’s the video that came off the phone:


So, those of you who flaked…you missed out! I’m still super stoked.  I may pack up my bike and head out for an sunset session…

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