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tsn_logoLast month we told you about The Surf Network, which is like an iTunes for Surf Movies. With the swell around here being in DUD mode right now, I am itchin’ for my fix.  Usually I turn to movies to help out in this situation.  I finally decided to give The Surf Network a try.  I learned two things.  1.  The Surf Network is totally worth it for the price.  2.  There are all kinds of hidden promotions they don’t tell you about.

First the network itself.  If you watch surf movies on you computer, this is the way to go.  The quality of the video seems equivalent to DVDs on the computer.  They aren’t HD, but neighther are the DVDs.  But the bonus is that you can transfer the movies to you iPhone, iPod and AppleTV for alternate watching options.  Plus, iTunes sees The Surf Network as podcast you’ve subscribed to and downloads right into your iTunes.  So, for $25-$35 for a DVD versus $10-$15 for a download on The Surf Network, I don’t know if I’ll ever turn back.

Bonuses!  Unbeknownst to me, there are lots of promotions to take advantage of on The Surfing Network.  I found them all by accident, so I’ll lay them out for you so you can plan for them.

  • Surfrider Members – Active Surfriders are entitled to one free movie download.
  • Twitter – Follow The Surf Network on Twitter and you receive a $5 credit toward your next purchase
  • Transworld Surf Subscription – I’m not actually sure what triggered this, but I’m guessing it’s just a purchase.  Anyway, with a purchase, you may receive a free 1-year subscription to Transworld Surf Magazine.
  • Buy 2, Get 1 Free – “End of Summer Promotion:” After you buy two movies, you receive a credit for another free movie.but there was a promotion to get a free movie when you bought 2.  Be sure to buy the 2 movies first, then wait for the credit.  Don’t buy 3 at once expecting one to be free.  I have a credit waiting for me now…what to get!? (Special note: if you redeem your Surfrider Freebie, that does not count as a purchase.)

So, on my first go ’round, I got three movies for $25.  (I bought Water Man (Freebie), Picaresque (less $5) and Sliding Liberia; reviews to come soon.)  One word of caution though.  After you get your account all set up, know that the “Complete Purchase” button means business.  Once you’ve clicked it, you are buying your goods.  There’s no safety confirm “are you sure” afterward.

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