"Make Believe" by Weezer

And we only had to wait three years for this. “Make Believe” has only been out for half a day now and the debate on whether it is good or not is already a heated situation on par with Pakistani-Indian tensions.

Already there are those claiming this is not The Blue Album and this is not Pinkerton. Well, duh. The title of the album clearly says it is not those albums. This sort of flawed reasoning is like hating “Abbey Road” because it is not “Sgt. Pepper.” (This is not to say anything Weezer has done is as awesome as any Beatles, but you get my analogy.) These reviews are all from guys who are yearning for a new heart-breaking anthem they can listen to in their basement while crying over alleged unrequited love.

I was disappointed in “Maladroit,” not because of what it was, but because of what it wasn’t. Leading up to that album, Weezer released a slew of songs on their website of possible candidates for the upcoming album (that was to be “Maladroit”). Based on what the choices were and what they actually chose…I would have chosen a different set of songs.

I also remember reading scathing reviews of The Green Album. Personally, I found The Green Album to be a slew of awesome poppy goodness that did not let up for 28 minutes.

I think the most amazing thing about Weezer is how everyone is so polarized about each about that comes out. Each Weezer album is either a masterpiece or pure drivel. And the list is vastly different depending on which Weezer fan you talk to. And that is amazing because Weezer is not any kind of super band. They are simply a fun neo-rock group with catchy tunes who happened upon a generation that was ready to latch onto a band in a vigorously weird cultish grip that would cause Janet Reno to send in ATF.

So, judge the album for what it is. Personally, I am of the opinion so far that it is a fun collection of typically goofy Cuomo songs. Better than “Maladroit”, but not superior to The Green Album in entertainment value. Worth $9.99 on iTunes.

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