Foiled By My Own Clever Ways

Recently I re-read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to refresh my memory of it before the movie came out. This was literally the week before the movie came out. To make it even fun, I looked up the actors who would be in the movie so I could picture them as the characters while I read.

Last Friday we went and saw the film. Many of the scenes were created just as Douglas Adams had described. Which normally would have been totally awesome, but because I had just read the book it was almost like the second viewing of watching movie twice in a row. So I think I inadvertently pimped myself out of the full enjoyment I would have had watching the movie.

To all the Hitchhikers fans out there, don’t try and be clever by re-reading the book right before you go to see it. Instead of being clever you are actually shivving yourself right in the foot!

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