Kruisechev & the Scorpion at Sunset

Although it sounds like a pair of Villains from an old James Bond movie, it was actually just Peter and I paddling out into the glass early this morning.  I was riding Kruise-chev, my trusty single fin log.  Peter was breaking in a new board that he just picked up: the Scorpion.  It is a 7’0″ x 22″ x 3″ pin tail shaped by Donald Takayama. Takayama calls this the ultimate mini nose rider with the ability to turn on a dime and surfed hard off the tail.  It has longboard shape, complete with scooped nose, but compressed down to 7 feet.  It is set up for quad, single fin or 2+1 (which is how Peter has it right now).  He was catching a lot of rides with it, and it looked like he was having a pretty good time.   It seems like it will be a pretty versatile board, good on small days and totally rideable on bigger days too.  Conditions this morning were clean 2s and 3s with some plus sets, some nice long rights. It was windy early, but it settled down and the water surface was smooth and glassy, just the way we like it.  There was a -.6 ft low tide at 4:40am and as the tide filled in the waves kept getting better.  A tidal wave of people also filled in, so we got our best waves before the crowd showed up.  Our buddy Tracy joined us in the water for good clean lines out there this morning. Good clean fun.

As an added bonus, since I brought up James Bond, we are in agreement here at EPF that From Russia With Love is our favorite Bond movie…just a taste of the greatness


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