In the Meantime…Numanuma

I know you are all waiting for James Brown to go away (and shame on you for that…you know who you are…English Department!). I am currently working on finding something to poke fun at or otherwise find levity about.

In the meantime, please enjoy this*. I don’t know what exactly what it is, but I do know awesome when I see it.

Now before you all (y’all) start sending word back to me that this was lame, just remember you’ve all been here before. Sitting at you desk, working on the computer. Then that magical song comes up on your iTunes during random play. The one song that just gets you super amped. And if no one else is around you start channelling the lyrics from some other dimension and your crazy dance makes the Earth itself consider a quick shimmy. For me, Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” usually does the trick.

And if this man’s celebration of The Lone Desk Dance is not enough for you, then you have to admit that the lego Bob Ross was super sweet. And if you still don’t agree then you are hereby forbidden to visit this site (and you may be a fascist, there are people looking into it).

*Viewing tip: This may take a moment to load and may skip or stutter the first time around. If you get a bad play, wait for it to loop through and start again. The second run through should go much smoother.

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