I Declare the Strike Over

Two nights ago, being absolutely out of any nourishment whatsoever, I went over to Alberson’s for some basic staples. If you’ve already read my open letter to the picketers you know my stance on the situation. But I had been at work for nearly 10 hours and was tired as a bear ready to hibernate. I didn’t have time to pussyfoot around and find a Stater Bros. or Trader Joes.

When I get to the supermarket I get the impression that the picketers are getting quite lax in their picketing ways. They are starting to bring lawn chairs, Gameboys, pocket TVs… As I approach the entry doors there are only two picketers actually standing. They were talking about some football game and had their protest packards resting on their shoulders. When I entered the store, not only did they not try to disuade me from using Albertson’s as my grocery store of choice, they did not even acknowledge me walking in.

So, rather than just picking up the staples, I loaded up. I NEED FOOD. I figured if it didn’t bother them that I went in, they probably wouldn’t care if I picked up some groceries. And let me tell you, the aisles were packed with eatible goodness. No more empty shelves. There was food to be had.

When I left, the same two picketers were still standing and talking to each other, signs unconvincingly slumpped on their shoulders. There was a bit of a crowd at the entrance at this moment and my only way out was through the chatting picketers. So, bags in hand, I moseyed thought the picketers. And let me tell you, they were annoyed by this. But not because I had grocery bags in my hand, but because I had so rudely disturbed their conversation.

So, it’s been three weeks since the strike started, no talks have been scheduled and the picketers (at least around here) seem to have lost their conviction and determination. This appears to be going no where.

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