Events on the Drive Home

I drove home last night; hilarity ensued.

First, I saw a couch cushion in the middle of the road. I have never given much thought to this before, but could you imagine? You are gleefully driving back to you pad after scoring a free couch from a benevolent relative. Unbeknownst to you, during the drive, one single cushion makes it bid for salvation. When you get home to dawn your new-to-you sitting duds, you realize that there is one cushion missing. What do you do with a couch that has one cushion missing.

Then, as I was pondering how one might craft a makeshift cushion out of household items, I witnessed this: I was at a stop light and the traffic in the opposite direction had just been given the go ahead which included the cross-walks as there were pedestrians on both sides of the intersection wishing to cross the street. The person on the left side of the street was a curvaceous lady in a questionable outfit. The person on the right side was a blind man complete with white cane and sun glasses. At the crucial moment as the two were passing each other in the cross-walk the blind guy yelled, “HEY, BABY!” to the voluptuous woman. So, I am thinking either the dude is not blind and he is running a silly scam to pick up women, or his blindness has caused his other sensory inputs to become hyper-sensitive and he can hear the difference between a woman walking around in a blouse and a woman jostling around in a tube top. Either way, I laughed.

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