How To Build Your Own Surfboard

Ever wanted to try your hand at building your own surfboard?  It actually not too hard.  All you need is the will and a few materials to get going.  (Granted, building a good surfboard is up to you.)  Foam E-Z, owned by Brad Nadell, is a one-stop surfboard supply shop in Westminster, CA.  (You can visit the store in person, or shop online, which is handy.)

Retro Fish KitFoam E-Z sells kits to build your own surfboard.  The kits come with everything you’ll need to put your own board together, including the foam blank, resin, fiberglass, leash cup, fins…  The kits even come with logo paper so you can brand your board with your own logo. How cool is that?  Foam E-Z has kits for fish, funboards, shortboards, longboards and so on.  Check out boards other dudes have built at Brad’s BYOB blog (Build Your Own Board).  (Be sure to take a look at RadRob’s 5’4″ mini-noserider.  Does that really work?!)

They also sell every shaper’s tool and ding repair material you could every want.  So if you are beyond using SunCure and/or Duct tape for a ding repair, Foam E-Z is a great place to stock up on supplies (and tips).  (Tell your spouse they sell gift certificates!  Good for birthdays and Christmas.)

And if you do build yourself something, be sure to send Brad at Foam E-Z some pictures.  He always like to post the final product on his blog.

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