How Rad The Internet Is 4: Video Conferencing

Recently Taube and I bought iSight cameras for our computers. They have actually come in quite handy on a few occasions already, so it was well worth the dough. However, the other day, Taube and I were discussing a project over the video chat. During the discussion I had opened a ton of windows on my computer and hidden the video chat window. Our conversation ended, but with the window hidden, I didn’t cut off the video connection. As my work dwindled down about an hour later, the open windows on my desktop also dwindled. Sakes Alive, I thought to myself. I didn’t shut down the video chat. Taube didn’t seem to have noticed either as I was treated to the Taube Lunch Hour show. So I took a snap shot and now you too shall be treated to…Taube i


  1. Miranda on 14 February 2005 at 2:11 am

    Please tell me Kase is not German for “limp cigarette hanging out of his mouth.” GROSS.

  2. Lordleiter on 14 February 2005 at 2:47 am

    Actually, Käse is German for “limp cigarillo hanging out of your mouth while giving directions in the fashion of Edward G. Robinsonesque MYAH! and SHEE!”

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