Guerrilla El Porto Thursday

Forecast is dim for Friday this week, so Peter suggested we strike early with a Thursday sneak attack dawn patrol.  Being a sneak attack we went with a smaller, elite force consisting of Peter, Uzair and me.  (Aaron is deep undercover in Costa Rica with Mary posing as a honeymooning couple; Josh is in high level meetings and I’m not at liberty to discuss CW’s whereabouts; Everyone else is on special assignment.)

The waves were decent, coming in around the hip-high range.  But after the take-off the waves lost a lot of their zip and the longer rides were few and far between.  I got to try out the new tail pad Jake laid on the Electric for me.  I’m digging it.  Poor Uzair did not bring his wetsuit and paid the price.  It was bitter out there again.  (Actually, the worst part was walking on the sand.  It numbed our feet instantly and shot prickly pain up our spines with every step.)  Boots and hoods were not out of the question.   It’s like summer went straight into winter.  But we all caught a few and, as always, had a great time.  (How can you not when surfing with friends?)

A pod of dolphins goofed about in the line up.  They rode waves and flipped around like they do.  The funniest one though was a fresh little dude that looked about 3 feet long, breaching the water.  It’d pop out now and again but not make much of a splash on reentry due to it’s small stature (relative to its adult brethren).

Peter and I both took a nasty rogue wave right on our domes.  I knew it was going to be bad, but just accepted my fate.  But we both popped up, then paddled back into position. Peter said, “I totally laid an egg on that one.”  I’d never heard that phrase before and asked him about it.  He says, “You know when a wave slams down on you and you lose your board and it shoots out between your legs…”  So, there you go.  New surf phrase.

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