Good Samaritan

The other night I was meeting with Clamhead who I hadn’t seen in a couple months. (We text message everyday, but this was the first time we’d actually “seen” each other in a couple months.) Needless to say, there was a lot to talk about. All the stories that were too long to type into a chat window…

I am in the midst of a kitchen crisis right now (more that later), and I had taken a bunch of pictures so I could show her the mess I was in. She had just gone through a similar kitchen crisis, so if anyone could understand, it was Clamhead.

But when it was time to go, I totally forgot my camera and left it at the restaurant. Of course, I didn’t realize this until I got home.

A frantic call to the restaurant revealed that someone had indeed turned it in. So I hopped back in The Escape and drove back to the restaurant to retrieve my camera.

So, to the Good Samaritan who turned my camera in, thank you so much. That was totally awesome of you to turn it in.

However, I was disappointed to find that there were no surprise pictures at all. Because, if I found a camera in a restaurant, I totally would have turned it in too, but not before taking a picture of a urinal cake.

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