Good Samaritan and The Hippie

While driving back to work from lunch today, Taube and I bore full witness to a car accident. (Not to worry, all parties involved were fine.) As witnesses, Taube and I did our civic duty and filled out Witness Reports with Five-O. (Check out the dude on the right, WHAT A HIPPIE! Sure I look just as hippie as he does, but as this piece’s author, I have the poetic license; hence – Taube is clearly the hippie.)

Afterward we were discussing the accident as we were all shaken by it. What was specifically horrifying was our uncomfortable proximity to the collision. We were waiting to make a left turn. In the next lane over (to our left; the opposing traffic), a truck mysteriously started to slow down, and an SUV clashed into the rear of the truck. As we were discussing this, Taube made the comment, “I was really worried they were going to spin into us,” which they easily could have done. Clamhead (who was also in the car) exclaimed, “Me too!” Suddenly I went flush with dumb, “Geez. That never occurred to me.” In hindsight, we could have easily had a giant truck and an SUV rolling over us.

So, I am very happy that everyone came out okay, but now I worry that this incident was a tax day goucher.

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