Fellow No Boundarier

The other day I was driving my Escape (featuring the No Boundaries package (shown left)) to my local REI (which is soon to be the second closest REI to me as they are building a new REI for me right in my city!). As I was pulling into the parking lot another Escape was passing me in the opposite direction. I see a lot of Escapes driving around, but rarely do I ever see the coveted No Boundaries package. Seeing this other No Boundaries Escape, I looked into its cockpit. The dude in the other Escape also noticed that I too have no boundaries. No words needed to be exchanged, just a knowing nod and a super thumb*.

*Super Thumb – An enhanced, but less used version of the popular “thumbs up.” Used sparingly and primarily when the basic thumbs up is just not enough.

How to Perform a Super Thumb:

1. Make eye contact with Super Thumb recipient.
2. Hold said eye contact.
3. Pull on your most serious face (crucial to indicating the level of thumbs up).
4. Breathe in through the nose deeply and audibly.
5. The following must all be performed together (failure to do so can end in tragedy and/or humility)

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