EXTREME! Unicycles?

Mountain Unicycling (MUni)Give man a sport and he’ll inevitably take it to it’s extreme, pay-per-view conclusion. This holds true even for unicycling. I was out hiking in December and saw the craziest thing. (Yes, December. I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time.) So, I’m hiking downhill and I hear a tell-tale biker call “on your left” come from behind me. I expect to see a mountain biker, but instead find a unicycler barreling down the trail. He’s hoping over rocks, bouncing off trunks, pedaling like a fiend, and then he ate it right in front of me. I raced home and quickly Googled me some answers.

How does on offroad unicycle differ from a standard unicycle? Well offroad unicycles or “mountain unicycles” or “MUnis” tend to have a super knobby tire (like a mountain bike) and a handbreak (located under the seat). Perhaps the pedals and frame are a bit stronger, but I didn’t read that far into it. What did take my fancy was that there were clubs and fests devoted to this (emerging?) sport. And it seems to be most popular in Canada (eh).

For instance, check out the Moab MUniFest. (It’s weird how their sport is the way of the future, but their website is circa 1994.)

Wish to make fun? Well, talk to the Unipsychos of Calgary!


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