The Forlorn Camper

My WTC group is currently camping in the Sierras just west of Bishop.  I caught a most unfortunate and untimely cold that prevented my going.  I have a brand new sleeping bag I was pumped to try out on this trip too.  It is a Marmot “Never Summer” that I got on super sale from REI for $107!

Instead I have taken up temporary residence on the couch and have come to learn that my favorite food is Ricola. Though I seem to only have claim to two-thirds of the couch now. I recently got up to use the restroom only to find my dog, The Nudge, curled up on the last cushion citing “Squater’s Rights.”

I keep looking at the clock and wondering what the group is doing “right now.”  Right now, they should be on their way back from a short hike to due at camp by 5pm for dinner and happy hour.

Snow Camp 2007

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