New Year's Resolutions

Actually this isn’t much of a resolution, nor is it resolutions plural. This is more of a goal for the year that probably won’t interest you much.Last year I completed the Wilderness Travel Course offered by the Sierra Club‘s Angeles Chapter. (In the last few years I’ve really become a fan of hiking and camping.) The course was super fun and I recommend it to anyone who has even a fleeting interest in hiking and camping.While completing WTC I learned about other sub-groups within the Sierra Club that group people together with similar interests – groups for photographers, kayakers, mountaineers, skiers, dog lovers and so on.One such group is called the Hundred Peaks Section. As you may have guessed from the name, this group is comprised of people who collect peaks. The group has a constantly updating list of peaks in Southern California (currently about 275) for hikers to summit. Once you’ve completed 25 peaks you may be admitted into the group. And once you hit 100 peaks you get a sweet patch and the satisfaction of knowing that you bagged 100 Southern Californian peaks.So my goal for this year is to get up to the requisite 25 peaks for admittance into the group. So far I already have 7 completed. Follow up goals of getting 100 peaks and finally all 275 are also on the agenda, but obviously I won’t complete those by this time next year.Let’s hope my knees hold up!

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