Expanding Our Lexicon

Clamhead and I were talking of her love for “American Idol” the other day. She was describing to me how she really enjoys the first few episodes, the “Simon Time”, but not so much the episodes to follow where the contestants have been whittled down to a manageable, desperate few. She described these episodes as “schmarmy.”

Form this conversation spawned a new word to describe such schmarminess. It is pop culture for the sake of pop culture. Popularity as a fad, created by the corporate machine to reap the teenage dollar. It is something that will leave your memory quicker than it became you only true obsession. It is a topic on VH1’s “I Love the [Decade]” series and you will think, “OH YEAH…I remember that!” I was Josh Hartnett; it will soon be Ashton Kutcher. It is…”timberlike.”

Speaking of VH1’s “I Love the [Decade]”, what are they going to call this decade, “I Love the Naughts?”

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