Decipher My Dream

In my dream last night my family and I were visiting what I can only describe as a posh amusement park/resort; imagine a Disneyland and Sandals Resorts-like location with Monte Carlo casino patrons as guests. At this decadent country club I was playing two-on-two basketball. The teams were thus: my middle brother and my uncle formed the opposing team and I was paired up with present-day Ronald Reagan (naturally). We (Ronnie and I) were loosing horribly, not because Ronnie was not a good player, as you might imagine, rather because Ronald was being RIDICULOUS. He was making me so god damn mad. He refused to bring the ball in (it was loser’s outs), which meant, of course, I had to bring it in. Rather than taking my pass and looking for a good play, Ron would simply transform the receipt of the pass into a Kareem sky-hook from wherever he was. My brother and uncle picked up on this right away and so I would have to pass it in and then immediately go scramble for the rebound. Most often I would not get it and my brother or uncle would score. Then I’d have to bring the ball out again and Ron Rea would utter this same phrase to me in his oft caricatured voice, “Well…feed me the rock, Boy.”

What does this mean?

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