Ending on a High Note

Taube and I use the video iChat sometimes when we are working. Usually when we are tired of typing out all of our text messages. (Make all the jokes you want, you’re just jealous.)

When ending a video chat the video screen becomes a still of the last moment of the video. The end of the chat is controlled by whomever severs the connection first.

Lately it’s been a race to perform a two-pronged manoeuver while ending the video chat. You must (a) be the first to end the connection without rudely cutting off the other thus having control of exactly when the “still frame” comes into play and (b) either make a ridiculous face or hold something silly in the window, say a smurf action figure or some such, to be the last image the other person sees.

If you win, that usually means the opponent is caught off guard still trying to perform their own manoeuver. With luck, their still frame will be extra ridiculous – but unintended, hence highly embarrassing. You may sit back with the satisfaction that your ridiculous image is of superior quality/design and totally intended. Then bask in the warmth of knowing that your image is a digital mockery of the other’s lack of speed and preparation.

If you feel the need to pile it on further, you may take a screenshot of their unintended ridiculousness and show it to them. Doing so will rub it in further that it is you who have the mongoose like eReflexes.

Recently Taube had a particularly good one. It mocks me still. It subtly suggests, “Well done…DILL HOLE!”

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