Dudders Continue in Huntington

The forecast called for 2-3 with some 4s today.  And I’ll admit the waves were indeed 2 to 3 feet with the occasional 4 footer rolling through.  But the wave today and no zest, no zip, no umph.  There was nothing behind them.  Donnie and I went out in the hopes that we’d find something, but there wasn’t much out there.  Occasionally I’d be positioned just in the peak of the wave, but just as soon as the wave picked me up the wave would deflate.  It was almost depressing.  A longboard wouldn’t have made any difference either.

On the other hand, the breeze was slight, the sun was warm and we were out in our trunks. So I guess that’s the trade off.  But I didn’t even bother with a picture, it would only wound your surfer’s soul.

We’ll have to have McConaughey call the waves.

Call the waves, buddy.  Call the waves.

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