Dog Days at Dog Beach

Brandon texted me last night and said he wanted to get wet if I was going out.  After a full week of surfing the bigger waves, I’d planned on taking the weekend off.  But I’ll never pass up a chance to have a surf session with B.

Considering that the swell is still pretty awesome and today being a weekend day we opted for Cliffs (Dog Beach) this morning thinking that would give us some decent waves with the least crowds.  Our gamble really paid off.  The waves were good size in the waist to shoulder range with the occasional overhead rogue wave rolling through every 20 minutes or so.  They were a bit lumpy and could be difficult to paddle into, but once the wave was caught, it was a really fun ride.

Once again the water was wonderfully warm and we were visited by a few dolphins while in the line up.  But a really fun, relaxing surf session with my buddy Brandon.

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