Clear Waters and Smooth Surfing at El Porto Friday

It was a great day at El Porto.  The sun was out and the water warm, glassy and clearer than I’ve ever seen it.  (Although there was a funky smell in the air.)  The water was so clear we could see 15 feet down if we could see a foot.  We even spotted a few leopard sharks flitting about, but sadly I wasn’t able to capture the elusive fish on camera.

We had a huge turn-out today, eight people all together including me, CW, Peter, Uzair, a pair of Mikes and a pair of Joshes.  Today’s awesomeness was due to the waves being decently sized (up to hip level), nice strength, good set frequency, low crowds by El Porto standards and I was surrounded by buds.  I’ll take the smaller waves in low crowds any day over the big surf with hoards of people.  On a sidenote: there was a dude out there on a red swallow-tail who was a surfing machine.  He owned the day.  Kudos, dude.

Without further ado, El Porto Fridays: Episode 6

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