…But At Least I Got Out

I’ve been land-lubbin’ for quite some time due to rain and runoff.  Today was the first all-clear since we went out two Sundays ago when I took my new fish out for the first time.  Actually yesterday was the all-clear, but I tried to wait out the tide and before I made my move the wind came up and blew everything out.

As it always seems to be after a long dry spell, the forecast was for massive 5-8′ waves of “good” quality.  But that wasn’t quite the case today.  The waves were more like 3-5 in the “poor” range.  They’d start forming far on the outside and sort of break, then reform, then sort of break, then reform again into an evil head-high barrel breaking right on the sand.  Courage and skill were the words of the day if you wanted those inside tubes.  Otherwise we had to content ourselves with very short rides on the outer breaks.  Maybe that’s just the frustration talking, but I didn’t make much out of the day.  But at least I got to paddle out today.

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