Urge Congress to Renew the BEACH Act of 2009

Power to the people, babies.  It’s time to harness the power of the pen (and the web).

A bill to re-authorize the BEACH Act is moving through Congress (also known as The Clean Coastal Environment & Public Health Act of 2009 – H.R. 2093 & S.R. 878). This Act will do more to protect public health and improve water quality at our nation’s beaches. Let Congress know that you support clean beaches and immediate access to critical water quality information.  No more dirty water.  No more water-borne illnesses.  No more 72 hour wait time after a rain shower.

Urge your Representatives to support the prompt passage of this bill!

You can take action here (this will take you to an online form that will send a message to your Congressman and both your Senators via Surfrider.org):

Also, spread the word brothers and sisters.  Tell your friends about this:

“The Clean Coastal Environment & Public Health Act of 2009 will increase the amount of federal dollars that can be spent on beach water quality monitoring and will modernize the technology we rely on to protect the health of the beach-going public. It also expands the scope of the BEACH Act to include tracking and cleaning up the sources of beach water pollution. A similar bill passed the House of Representatives last year, but languished in the Senate.”

Don’t allow Congress to lag on this again.

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