All These Small Days

What can we do with all these small days?  It’s kind of funny, actually.  Looking at the reports beforehand, surf conditions looked grim.  Driving into the parking lot, the surf still looked bleak.  Even walking out to the water, there wasn’t much hope.  Yet, while we were out there, Josh, Mike, Nabil and myself had a blast.  And now, watching the video, I’m still not sure how we managed to have so much fun on those sad, sad little waves.  But look at us grinning…

The waves were waist-high at best and a long ride was rare.  Still, there were two that I managed to glide all the way to the beach.  But the waves being so small, everyone was practicing their low-center-of-gravity stance to keep momentum.  A few other dudes seemed to get a few half-decent nose rides.  The shortboarders were really hurting for action, though.  But the water was warm and incredibly clear, the sun was out and I was surfing with my buds.  So, no complaints from me.

I said that our last video was the “best, worst video ever.”  Well, now here’s a new contender.  This video is equally unimpressive.  (Now you just can’t wait to see it! I’m really selling this one. I do try to spice this one up a bit with some silly editing and music though.)  But it’s what we do with all these small days.

[youtube width=”570″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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