Afternoon Crud, Again!

Once again, I was so pumped up from the morning sesh that I ventured out for a second time. However, I did try to avoid my mistake from last time of reclaiming former glory. So I chose a different board, The Quatro, and went in with no expectations. But I did made another classic blunder: going out when you already know it’s bad. The wind had picked up, no one else was in the water and the wind-chop was just as big as the washed out waves. I knew better, but I was already in my trunks, I’d already rode my bike down to the beach, so having already put that much energy in, I paddled out. I floated around in the chum and worked on not getting seasick in the crazy chop. After catching a few crumbs, I finally paddled back in, defeated.

Sorry, Quatro, you deserve better.

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