$20 Ding Repair

A recent trip to Sunset Blvd I had a mishap in a wave and I got tangled up with my bro Josh. Kruise-chev (my long board with a very troubled past)  was left with another huge ding.  I picked up a Ding All Super Kit so I could do the necessary repairs at home.  I would recommend using this kit if you have a used board that’s somewhat beat up, because the kit repairs the hole in your glass, but cosmetically your board will never be the same.  The repair basically strengthens the weakened area and keeps it from taking on water.

The Repair

Click on the pictures for a description of each step

A Few Extra Tips

I started sanding the sun cure when it was about 90% hard, its just a little easier to work with at that time. If you allow it to harden all the way, you’ll be sanding forever. Mix up the resin according to the instructions for the temperature outside. I used 1/2 an ounce per application for this repair and it was more than enough. I allowed 20 – 30 minutes for each phase to set up. Because I did 2 layers of cloth I allowed the first layer to set up all the way.  There were jaggy edges around the cloth from the fiber threads and  I sanded those down smooth before I applied the next layer of cloth.  At the end after the rough stuff was sanded I hit it with a fine grain sand paper that was dipped in water.  Wet sanding makes things really nice and smooth for the final top coat of resin.

Ready to ride again!

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