Zany Dreams

So I had another super odd dream a few nights ago. (Catch up on other bizarre dreams of mine here and here.)

I was over at my mom’s house, but it wasn’t really my mom’s house. It was a house that you might imagine having if you lived in the Pacific Northwest. But in my dream, it was the house I grew up in. It also had an enormous kitchen (also quite contrary to the house I grew up in).

My friend Daves came over and we started playing video games or cards or something. Maybe it was a card game on the XBox. A few minutes later my friend Daves and Brian came over. (That’s right, there were two Daves there. Two instances of the same friend. Better still, all involved were totally fine with this unnatural occurance.)

We continued playing whatever game it was that we were playing. But just minutes after they arrived, Second Daves and Brian went outside for a cigarette. Much time passed and I started to wonder were Second Daves and Brian went. I went outside and their car was gone. (I’m not really sure how First Daves got there.)

I came back in the house and explained to First Daves that Second Daves and Brian just totally took off without even saying goodbye. First Daves told me not to take offense to Second Daves and Brian leaving and to let it go. First Daves explained ever so gently that I tend to be too sensitive about events like this and that it would serve me well to learn to deal with it better.

Then First Daves made me a monster stack of flapjacks in the big kitchen. And not just ordinary pancakes, but these super thick and really tasty ones with apples and blueberries inside. It made everything better.

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