You and Your: The Airing of Faults

Hello. My name is Lordleiter and I am and R-o-phobe. (Hi, Lordleiter.) As you may have noticed throughout our time together, I have a real problem with tagging a simple “you” with a simple “r” to form the intended “your.” Not only does this change the meaning of the whole sentence, but it also makes me look like a dunce who doesn’t know better. What is worse, is that I always double check my entries before unleashing them on the masses. And for as many mistakes as I do find, I always pass right over the yous that should be yours.

And with that, I declare The Airing of Faults – a week long celebration of all that makes us individuals. The point of this is not to recognize our faults and work to improve them, but rather to re-arm ourselves with fodder to point and laugh at each other. But in a good way.

Air you faults!

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