Wir Gehen Nach Deutschland! Toll!

The US beat Mexico in a stunning 2-0 victory via super sweet goals from Ralston and Beasley. This victory clenches us a spot in the 2006 World Cup. We (I am assuming you are American. If not, good luck to your nation in the qualifiers.) are going to Germany. Set your watches for June 9th!

Again I know I am the only one actually watching these games. But I hope that by me being super pumped, you are by association mildly interested. Interested to the degree that you might have this conversation at the water cooler at work:

YOU: Hey Co-worker, did you hear that the US is going to the World Cup next year?

CO-WORKER: The world what?

YOU: Hey, did you see Growing Up Gotti last night?!?!

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