Who To Root For?

Euro 2008Euro 2008 starts today and I still don’t know who to root for. Usually in national tournaments I naturally turn to my own country (through thick and thin). And when tournaments are euro-centric I root for England in honor (or honour) of my half-British nephews and my all-English sister-in-law. But though some sort of cosmic-weirdness/ultra-rare-planet-alignment England failed to qualify. England beware – your football hooligans will remain in England with nothing to focus on but the fact that England failed to qualify.

Mascots?So, who to root for? I’ve been to some of the countries on the list. And of those I have a affinity for a few of them. And I actually have an Austrian friend (not just The Governator, whom I’m fast friends with ever since we’ve been emailing back and forth about closing scores of California’s state parks (he will no longer be closing them (you’re welcome))). I’m thinking it’s going to be between Switzerland (for their timeliness and cleanliness) and Austria (for baby Jasmine).

Although, this comes with some reluctance. As much as I appreciate these two countries hosting the tournament, the mascot things are right out. The dude does not abide. Twin pixies named Trix and Flix? What does that even mean. What do pixies and soccer have in common? Don’t worry Switzerland and Austria, five minutes with Photoshop and we can turn twin pixies into rival football hooligans named Brick and Goon.

Have to go. The first game is starting!

Go Switzerland.

Go Austria.

Go Advertisements.


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