Who Lived Here Before?!

Cast your minds back, dear friends. Back to 2004. You may remember me telling you about the decrepit wall paper I found behind the base board tiles in the hallway of my house. (Review Here)

We are always find stuff put over other weird stuff in our house, a la the “wallpaper weave.” Once when I poked my head behind the fake wood paneling in the garage, I am pretty sure I saw a huge wall sized poster advertising the circus. I nailed up the fake wood panelling extra tight because I never want to see that again.

So here is the latest “find.”

When we moved in the living room had these wall-sized mirrors covering one wall. (Shown left with The Taubes. (Who are wearing super awesome sweatshirts.) And just for the record The Fonz was NOT happy with me at that moment.) I’ve always disliked them, but we had bigger fixes to take care of in the house before we got to the dreaded mirrors. But improvements have been made over the last four years, and now the mirrors time has come.

So I called some dudes to come over to removed the mirrors. (I was totally afraid of doing that task myself. I had vision of slow motion mirror shattering and shards flying all around me.) The dude came, and no joke, they were done in eight minutes. There were three panes. And with each pane something super odd was being revealed. Finally the third pane was removed and HELLO 1970’s, I found a groovy mural.

The mural was even signed by the artist – Lloyd Austin.

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