Vast Improvements

To all who have graciously sent me messages via my website in the last half year or so, I apologize. It seems that function was not fully operational (like the second death star at the beginning of Return of the Jedi). I have since fixed the message machine. Please send me more mail, even if it is hate mail for having wasted your time before when you tried sending me messages. I assure you the “thank you message” is worth the sending of the email (even if it is hate email).

Also, I have fixed the goofed up time stamp on the comments. (This has been driving me nuts for some time now.) No longer will your comments appear as though they were posted 18 hours ahead of when you actually posted them. (Like you were in Hong Kong when you submitted your comment!) Although, they will only reflect standard time, not daylight savings. I don’t trust myself enough to change the time back and forth every year. I am sure you can do the math. I am also sure I could probably program it to figure that out on it’s own, but again I blame my laziness.

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