USA v. Mexico

No, I am not talking about the vigilante group patrolling the US/Mexico border. I am talking about the biggest soccer game the US has had since our bout with German in the 2002 World Cup. (Which incidentally is one of the greatest matches I have ever watched.)

So, the US team won their game against Trinidad and Tobago courtesy of sweet goal by Brian McBride in the first half. (Off of an equally sweet pass. I don’t remember who it came from, but I assure it it was super sweet.)

But here’s my point, here’s my point, Dude, with the win over T&T, a win over Mexico will cinch a spot in the 2006 World Cup for the US. So, it’s a big game against a tough opponent. The match is set for Saturday September 3rd at 7:30 EST. I can’t tell you were to watch it except Telemundo, though I suspect ESPN2 will pick it up. If not I am sure it will be on ESPN8, The Ocho. Anyway, calling all fans, bandwagoneers welcome.

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