Top Ten Songs To Groove To (Currently)

Clamhead posed this open-ended invitation to list out the top ten songs that one is grooving to at the moment. I take up the gauntlet and list out my audio treats. Then I throw that same gauntlet down at the foot of your feet. If only I can get iTunes to let me have my own “Lordleiter’s Celebrity Playlist.”

1. “She Used to Be Mine,” Spin Doctors. This was from their third and last major album. Spin Doctors got a bad wrap. They made plenty of groovy little tunes, but you, YOU, in your over-obsessive American way to have “bigger, better, more” drove any chance they had at longevity into the ground by requesting “Two Princes” on the radio for two years straight. Quite frankly, I recommend the whole “You’ve Got To Believe In Something” album, but in the spirit of this list, I could only pick one song.

2. “Don’t Let Me Down” The Beatles. Unarguably the greatest band ever. Again, I could have picked any song of theirs to be on my “currently grooving” list, but I am especially partial to John songs as his 65th birthday just passed. (Oct. 9) Try to image what 65 year old John would have looked like.

3. “Banana Pancakes”, Jack Johnson. Whenever it starts raining I always turn to my surf music. This one is a particular bonus because it mentions flapjacks. Griddle cakes are at the heart of the surfer’s diet. After being out in the ocean, one must refuel with pancakes or the whole day is shot.

4. “Dreamin'”, G. Love & Special Sauce. Somewhere between funk and hip-hop lie Philly-based G. Love & Special Sauce. This is as close as I’ll probably ever venture into hip hop as well. But their chunky grooves keep me dancing in my seat and their over-the-line lyrics make me laugh.

5. “S.S.T.”, Prince. Sade’s Sweetest Taboo. Prince released this song (briefly, not available anymore) and the proceeds went to hurricane relief. Not a big Prince or Symbol fan myself, but the dude is definitely talented. However, this son gave me a chuckle and who can’t spare a dollar for charity.

6. “Forever Young”, Alphaville. I am not proud of this one. But this song is vintage 80’s radness. Plus you get to sing, “Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?” which may be one of the most unintentionally funny lyrics ever. Super plus, this song has what I can only assume is a guiboard solo at the end.

7. “Can I Change My Mind”, Pie Tasters. Sweet old-timey ska. The iTunes version is not the actual version I have, but it is the best I can find to show you. My version is much slower. And why does iTunes only have the Volume 2 of this and not Volume 1? Weirdos.

8. “Love and Longing”, Stellastarr*. I am not totally sure about this, but I think Stellastarr* may have lifted this from OMD. But it could be as simple as Stellastarr* having only stolen a keyboard from OMD. Either way, 80’s off-key goodness.

9. “Chicken Payback”, Band of Bees. I have been waiting for this album to become “available” in America for about a year. I can’t explain The Bees to you. They are what they are, and they are awesome. Therefore it follows that awesome is what they are. If nothing else, that is just a rad name for a song. I imagine a chicken payback is like a lighter version of the horse head in The Godfather.

Honestly I cannot fill out a full 10 songs. Anything else will be forced after this.

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