The New New Twenty

Today as I withdrew some cash from the Bancomat, I obtained my first new twenty. Overall, I think this is a step in the right direction. I have always found American money the most visually dull currency in the world. The best by far was the Dutch Gilder, which has sadly been trumped by the Euro. Although the Dutch should have the finest bills since they had Van Gogh and other Dutch Masters to draw from. Like cheating, really.

On the new twenties, I like the green-peach-green gradient that is the base color for the bill and I really like the giant blue eagle to the left of Jackson’s nub; it lends itself nicely to the green to peach fade.

I am baffled by the wavy “TWENTY USA” stamp to the right of Jackson. Was that an afterthough? It seems so slap-dash. I abhor the plethora of tiny twenties on the back. (I know it is difficult to see these from the image shown, but you’ll see when you get one in you hand.) All those modifications to the front and this is all that was thought up for the back? It’s like a pointless connect-the-dots for ADD folk. I think maybe the budget was shot half-way though the project.

Finally, Check out Jackson’s left eyebrow. Was it always this unruly or is this another clever anti-counterfeitting ploy?

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