Sprout, a film by Thomas Campbell

SproutThe first Thomas Campbell film I ever saw was The Present.  I was super stoked after seeing that film  When I’d tell people I’d seen it, they’d always ask, “Was it as good as Sprout or Seedling?”  When I’d tell them I hadn’t seen Sprout or Seedling, I’d get the same look I’d give someone else if they told me they hadn’t seen Endless Summer.  They’d then say, “Dude. You have to see them.”  So I saw Sprout.  And they were right – I had to see that.

Shot in Campbell’s signature 16mm style, Sprout is fun, creative and beautiful.  The graphics, the filming, the characters, the music, the editing, the surfing…they all blend together into this sweet unit we get to watch.  It is the kind of surf film that even non surfers would be stoked to watch.  I dare say this film could inspire a non-surfer to pick up the sport of kings.

Here I am fumbling trying to describe just what it is that makes this film such a fine surf movie.  Thomas Campbell said it best in the film “we as surfers are so ridiculously lucky…to experience the moment and sensations and to have the life we have.”  That really sums it up and Campbell really captured that feeling. 5 out of 5 shakas all the way.

And as always, I leave you with the trailer…


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