My old frames are about three years old. I finally got some new ones today. These ones are especially sweet because they do not feature the sight hindering array of scratches right in the center of the lenses. But there is chance that I may be hip again or for the first time (I never really can tell). I aspire to one day be as suave as Alexander Hamilton on the new ten dollar bill. (Check out an old one, then look at a new one: he turned into a lady killer!)

Life Lesson: When acclimating to your new glasses* do not take your dog out for a skate**. The combination of life swimming around you and high speeds will surely result in an episode where you are in an unfotunate position (on the ground, in a bush…) causing passers-by to stop, point, laugh or any combination thereof.

Must go now, the papparazzi have already clued in to my new specs.

*When getting glasses, and more importantly NEW glasses there is a period of a day or so where the new perscription wreaks havoc on your vision. Everything swims around you like a bad head trip.

**Dog skating involves puting a harness on your dog, skates on yourself and letting your dog pull you around the neighborhood until he/she runs out of gas.


  1. Keri on 23 October 2003 at 10:00 am

    Ever feel like… I don’t know… Like you’re being watched?

    The new glasses are BAM!

  2. Taube on 24 October 2003 at 2:09 am

    BAM! indeed. And I must say, I do enjoy the “Burlapy” background…Now if I could just get you to stop staring at me!!!

  3. Mia on 24 October 2003 at 4:47 am

    yeah, it is a bit unnerving to have you staring at me reading your post.

    And I can sympathize about the new specs… mine made me so sick to my stomach from the eye strain. Plus I am ultra mega far sighted, so I only need the glasses for books & computers, if I try and walk in them I have no depth perception and I bump into things and hurt myself. And then throw up from the vertigo.

    nerd in glasses. trips. falls down. draws blood. cries. curses. @#^$*(%$!!! pukes. nerd in glasses.

    I know, I know… I am the HOTTEST CHICK EVER.

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