Singlefin: Yellow – a Film by Jason Baffa

Singlefin: Yellow is the kind of surf film that re-ignites your stoke and passion. When I watch it, I want to grab my longboard and go soul surfing immediately.  I first saw Singlefin on Fuel TV by shear chance several years ago.  Before the movie was over, I’d already logged on to the web and ordered a copy for myself and one for a buddy.

The premise of the movie is this: a shaper from El Segundo, Tyler Hatzikian, builds this sweet longboard. He then sends it on to a friend to try out. This friend (Beau Young) rides it for a while at his local breaks, then passes it on again, and so on until it finds its way back to Tyler’s surf shop. The board travels from California to Australia, Japan, Mexico and Hawaii. So you are watching all this great surfing, these friendships and stories unfold from the board’s point-of-view.

Our main surfers in this narrative are Tyler Hatzikian, Beau Young, David Kinoshita, Daize Shayne, Devon Howard and Bonga Perkins. Probably the greatest thing about this movie is that you get to see the same board surfed by so many different surfers with such different styles in so many different breaks. It really gives you a sense of what is really possible with a single board.  This always inspires me to get out and stretch my comfort zone, find my limits and push beyond. Sometimes I really find out just how rutted I’ve become on a particular board.  Seriously, if Bonga Perkins can ride this 9’6″ board at Pipeline, I can certainly try a tighter turn or a longer floater.

If you are looking for something to yank you out of your bubble, or need to watch some surfing because the ocean is not cooperating, I highly recommend Singlefin: Yellow.

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