Road Trip Pictures

The pictures for the recent road trip are up. Feel free to look at them. However be warned, there are 130 pictures there. I don’t expect anyone to make it through more than twenty or so. I promise not to be offended if you don’t finish…or even start for that matter. I have over 400 pictures from the trip, so whittling it down to 130 was tough. I wish I could cut out more, but I just couldn’t. Here are the trip facts:

Total Miles: 5162 Miles
Attendance at Reunion: 250+
Total Nation Parks/Monuments/Historic Sites: 8
Highest Gas Price: $3.179/gallon (Ludlow, CA)
Lowest Gas Price: $2.499/gallon (Most of Kentucky)
Highest Elevation: 11,541 feet (Hoosier Pass, Colorado)
Lowest Elevation: Sea Level (Home)
Speeding Tickets: 1 (Tennesee)
72oz. Steaks: 0 (Texas)

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