Rastovich Paddling Aussie Coast to Bring Awareness to Whales

Dave Rastovich is paddling from Byron Bay to Bondi Beach to raise the flag for humpback whales (and ocean life in general) in a project called Transparent Sea.  Rasta and a couple of other notable dudes are sailing this kayak-hobie-sail thingies down the coast along side the humpback migration.  They stop along the way to do beach clean ups, interviews, post to the site…and of course, surf. Lots of great organizations are supporting this including Surfrider, Surfers for Cetateans, Billabong, Coastal Watch and more. So keep track of the journey and help spread the word.

The primary intention of the journey is to draw attention to the plight of the migrating whales that ultimately are destined for the chilly waters of the Southern Ocean and the inevitable visits by Japanese whaling fleets.

They set out on Oct. 1.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about this adventure until yesterday, so I’ve missed half the journey so far.  I love to follow journey blogs as they are happening.  But, there are still plenty of days to go and lots more to follow.  Also, being quite naive of Australia, I did have to look up the locations on Google Map to figure out where the route was.  Here’s the route (but in the ocean and not the road, obviously.) They are currently right near the middle at Crescent Head.

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