Pre-ordered My Paul

Memory Almost FullI pre-ordered my Memory Almost Full from iTunes yesterday. You can do so as well, if you dare. (Those of you in the Paul-of-the-Month club have no need to do so as you will be receiving your copy shortly after the release date. You will also be receiving all remaining Paul albums chronologically between now and the release date.)

Perhaps you’ve seen the Paul link on iTunes since Tuesday advertising Pre-release. It’s Paul, top-center, with his hands up as if to say in Paul-voice, “Whoops, it seems I have another album to release and I’ve suddenly settled my differences with Steve Jobs and Apple enough to sell my catalog on iTunes. Weird! Do be do!” Notice no other images rotate into his place. That’s how powerful the hand of Paul is. Small, small horses on tall, tall poles whinny in terror at the thought of Paul’s musical prowess.

Memory Almost FullAlso, please to be taking notice: Paul is #7 on the iTunes album list. HIS ALBUM ISN’T EVEN OUT YET!

Take that Daughtry – Idol runner-up, LIVE signer want-to-be, and taker of the name from the sad sack character from “Kind of the Hill!”

And take that Michael Buble – dude I’ve never heard of!

And take that Rufus Wainright – dude I may or may not have heard of…your name sounds somewhat familiar.

I had pre-ordered my Paul on Amazon a few days ago but was disappointed by the “June 9th” delivery date. All those people out there listening to “Memory Almost Full” for four days before me? Preposterous! But I needed those bonus songs only offered by Amazon’s deluxe album edition.

Enter iTunes. They offered the same bonus tracks. Not only did they offer them, but they listed them by name. Amazon only said “TBD” for the three bonus tracks.

Well, I can tell you that I promptly cancelled my Amazon order and put in for my iTunes pre-order that will download the day of release! (However, I did not cancel my pre-order for Harry Potter Book 7.)

Just look at my shameful consumerism. Take that terrorists – band who doesn’t even appear on iTunes Top 10 albums list! Jeeze, get a hit already. Maybe you can get Paul McCartney, 13-time Grammy™ Winner to write a hit single for you?

As for the rest of the iTunes buying public – “Linkin Park” really? REALLY?!

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