Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

We all know that I loves me the conspiracy theory. Whether it involves pop culture, the government or the aliens, it is always fun to speculate the “what if.” I once had a friend try to convince me that Jim Morrison faked his death and was still roaming Paris. Hogwash, I said. My argument was this: even if Jimbo did fake his death, with the amount of drugs he did, there is no way his body would have survived another three decades. Only Keith Richards knows the secrets to impossible longevity.

Another fun theory is that The Beatles themselves propagated the “Paul is Dead” hoax. I can assure you this one is untrue, but still fun to mill over.

Recently a new (and much more current) theory was put to me, and so I know put it to you, Dear Readers. Remember Kris Kross? Those cute little rapping boys from the early 90’s? (They were so cute because they didn’t know how to put their pants on correctly.) Well, by way of Supervixen, I ask you: Is Ludacris one of the Kris Kross kids grown up trying to shed his hideous past? This question is going to make you jump, jump. Please submit your answer in the poll to the right and feel free, Dear Observation Aliens, to put forth other rad theories.

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